A Short Bio

I was born and raised in Athens, where my studio is also located. Studying to become a photographer seemed the most natural choice, growing up in a family with years of tradition in the art of image creation. My first teacher was my father, in his own darkroom. Later on, I studied photography in Athens and also specialized in large format, at Switzerland.

Even though advertising and “still life” are a big part of my resume, the heart of what I do has always been capturing the most important moments in life:

Wedding, Christening & Portraits lie at the core of my work, providing me with the ultimate inspiration to create, be unique and express my artistry in the most satisfying and fulfilling manner. All the above, enhanced by constant experimentation and development of new ideas and techniques.

Once, during an interview, I was asked what would be a good reason to switch careers. The answer is obvious. As long as there are people and emotions to share, I will be there, to make sure I provide them with the best way to relive the most precious of these moments, for … as long as they shall live.

My Philosophy
The Art Of Capturing Love…

The mission

Being a happily married man and father of 3 children, I consider myself lucky to have cherished that special feeling of family love. And it is that exact feeling I always try to depict in my work, by reproducing through the neglected art of traditional family photography, the significance and uniqueness of events that would have otherwise faded and vanished in time.

The means

The right mixture of spontaneous imagination and a very well-thought-out plan is a prerequisite. Communicating your ideas openly to your photographer is the first step towards making your dream story come into visual life. And then helping each other by coming up with a detailed plan of shootings, locations and main concepts, and staying consistent, in order to make it happen.

The journey

You don’t create a photograph just by knowing how to use a camera. You make a photograph, and then another, and another, by bringing to it all the elements you have gathered, about the people you are observing through your lenses. Till you come up with a succession of images that tell their story. And that story is a blend of them and yourself. Cause it is not just the images that require certain filters, but also your perspective of things, your very own perception… The photographer and his models create a kind of a bond, without which success in telling the right story, as beautifully and eloquently as it deserves, is just not possible.

A very well-known American photographer, David Alan Harvey, had once said “Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like”.

The destination

A beautiful, eclectic collection of photos that manages to manifest the soul of the story you wish to narrate, in all its essence and extent. An album of images that will not become just a souvenir of happy times on a coffee table, but will forever remind you of the very best part of your experience as a husband, a wife, a parent. A visual memoir of love, that words would fail to create.