I was born and grown up in Chalandri. I come from a family who was active in photographing and that was the first start for my studies to come.

Advertising and “still life” photos are a big part of my job, but what really characterizes me in this business is “The Man in his most important moments of his life- Marriage/ Christening/ Family/ Newborn babies are the subjects that awake my creativity and have given me important worldwide distinguish. or christening, so that I can help the involved people to have the best result!

I have been asked in an interview: “What would make you change profession? ”…” Nothing at all, as long as there are people and senses


A man is blessed and happy when he has the chance to work on a big love of his. He is lucky, the man who can capture the moment and give life to eternity. This is the meaning of taking pictures. A trip which started in a darkroom with my father and gave light to my craziest dreams!!! A professional trip to photography world, a continuous development, working on the subject People and the most important moments of everyone’s life.

I organized a studio in my area, where I try to give life to the traditional family photo, which has been disappeared the last 30 years. I place all my sensitivity and give my heart the chance to capture what sees. I try to deliver to the people, who trusted me as their personal photographer, the best I can, using strict sense of beauty.

Spontaneous way is in everything, I love it the most….but my long experience has taught me that only through a very well organized cooperation with you; the spontaneous feeling can really shine and make history. This is why I use to program the moments of the shooting and especially if this stands for a marriage