Professional Photography by Babis Tsoukias – Bio

Φωτογράφος Γάμου Μπάμπης Τσουκιάς

Whether is a gene or a virus still to be discovered… The only thing that’s for sure is that his love for photography started at the age of 12 and haven’t faded at all through the years that came along…
Babis Tsoukias have been born and grew up in Halandri. Coming from a family of photographers had his first professional relationship with photography at the age of 16, when using his father’s camera, captured everyday moments and faces of Halandri, unwittingly been a photo-reporter.
He attended private school in Athens and completed his academic knowledge in Switzerland. The 28 years of his career proved to be the biggest school of all, experience and life can’t be learnt.
The advertising and still life photography is a big part of his job, but his photographic live distilled to love and be loved by people. People that put you in their lives, in their most intimate and exclusive moments. People who produce emotions, experiencing unique moments and emotions, laugh, cry, rejoice, sorry. Capturing and been trusted with their precious moments is a photographer’s honor and privilege.
He has managed to exceed himself every day, earning the respect of his colleagues and the love of his customers …