It is undeniable that every leading design magazine would choose the brand new studio of the renown and highly awarded photographer, Mr. Babis Tsoukias, in order to present it in a tribute article of best photo studios in town. This unique studio is located in a central spot of Chalandri city.


The outer face of the building consists of an epitome of Urban Art with the excellent combination of the cement, glass and metal belts. The interior is characterized by the warm and cozy atmosphere created by the dominant earthy colors. Pictures shot by Babis Tsoukias decorate the walls all around the space. It is true that the owner of the studio, Babis Tsoukias has visited many spaces with an outstanding decoration.

“Thanks to my profession, I stumble on hundreds of terrific design ideas, every day. This was the reason why I challenged myself to design a space this my ideas. The mindset behind this effort is responding to the way I see life; stand in the middle and watch all different aspects of life” says Babis.

On our left, and in the center of the space, we may find the desk of the owner in an austere and industrial style. This element in combination with the warmth of the living room represent the contrast between rationale and sensitivity.

Visitors may relax and enjoy the hospitality and comfortless of the studio while sitting in the cozy living room with the modern home cinema screen.

In the background of the area, visitors may admire a photo exhibition of Babis Tsoukias’ shots in a specially formed visual area. All the exhibits have gained awards in competitions.

The bathroom has a different aggressively French design is characterized by the dominance of black color and a minimal tone. The interior configuration is adapted to the possible needs of those who want to get a photo shooting – baby care, make up, dress room.

And of course, there we may find the “sanctuary” space of the photo shots. Lights, headlamps, black umbrellas, Black curtains and white light consist of all the needed ingredients to create the ideal scenery, in order to serve the art of photography.