Our unique, brand new studio is centrally located in the lively Chalandri district (in the northern part of Athens).An urban style building, made of cement, metal and glass. The warm interior, with its dominant earth tone colors, create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


Thanks to my profession, I come across hundreds of fantastic design ideas, on a daily basis.
So, when the time came to design my own working space, I challenged myself to draw inspiration from these diverse references.

The outcome of my effort reflects my point of view: “Stand in the middle and observe all different aspects of life”.

My office is located at the center of the studio. It is decorated in an austere and industrial style, in direct contrast to the warmth of the living room: Logic vs sentiment.
Visitors are welcome to relax and enjoy the hospitality and comfort that we wish to offer.
At the back of the studio, visitors have a chance to take a look at my permanent photo exhibition, a collection of awarded images, set in a specially designed area.

The dressing room has a different style, characterized by the dominance of black color and a minimalistic touch.
The interior has been suitably designed to meet the needs of a photo shoot (baby care, make up etc.).

And here also is the photo shoot “sanctuary”: Lights, headlamps, black umbrellas, black curtains and white lights, or in other words all necessary elements and equipment to create the ideal scenery.