Hydra (Greek: Ύδρα, pronounced [ˈiðra] in modern Greek) is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece, located in the Aegean Sea .In ancient times, the island was known as Hydrea (῾Υδρέα, derived from the Greek word for “water”), a reference to the natural springs on the islandReaching the port, Hydra island looks glamorous like an art-paint, with grey, white and blue colors above the blue of the sea, an exemplar of architectonics and aesthetics.Since by law, cars and motorcycles are not allowed , so we had to use horses, mules and donkeys for our transportation. The inhabited area, however, is so compact that most people walk everywhere. Hydra benefits from numerous bays and natural harbors, and has a strong maritime culture. The island is a popular yachting destination and is the home of the Kamini Yacht Club, an international yacht club based in the port of Kamini. In 2007, a National Geographic Traveler panel of 522 experts rated Hydra the highest of any Greek island (11th out of 111 islands worldwide) as a unique destination preserving its “integrity of place”.
Nikos & Irene are Greeks who are living in Basel for the last years but Greece is always in their hearts .As Hydra is their favorite island they decided to schedule an idyllic scenery for their fabulous wedding and enjoy the sunny Greek summer.I have visited Hydra several times at the past but I always feel a magical feeling.The bride prepared in the historical residence http://www.keresbinohydra.gr/en/ which looked impressive in its simplicity.Irene was astonishing with the wedding dress of https://www.maria-konidi.gr/The guests and the groom were transported by water taxis at the picturesque chapel of St.Charalambos at the plateau of the peak of a rock emerging from the sea. http://www.hydra.com.gr/beaches/vlychos/?lang=enThe bride arrived by “kaiki”, the traditional fishermen΄s boat.The wedding ceremony was held in http://www.castellohydra.gr/ with the breathtaking sea view.Everything went perfect and I am glad that I was there to capture it.